Patriot Poem

A man who severed his country and his home

Military career started with a modest post

Most skilled and celebrated generals

General within year

Nathanael Greene

Brave, Courageous man

Greene choose military over Quakerism

1778, Continental Congress appointed him Quartermaster General

Greene  subsequently  led  a  column  of  troops  to   victory


Women in the Revolution

Emily Geiger

A great young woman she took on a task no one took on.She took a letter from Nathanel Greene and rode her way to a camp on the other side of the britsh camp. She did get captured, but she memorised the letter andate it, and in the end she got the letter to the other General.

Caption Molly

She lived at fort Washington and belived that you should be how you want be ,not what people want you to be.Her husband got shoot in the battle of fort Washington, she helped in the battle.The women and children were reterned to the patriots.

Sibyl Ludington

A young girl whoms father was a general.She made a ride to get troops up and atem.Also she had very smart idea how to scare away Loyalist from attacking her house.She and her famliy dressed up like soilders and walked in front of the windows so it looked like their tons of soilders.She saved her father, country, and her famliy.

Deborah Samson

A young woman how is a maid and yearns to fight for the patriots, so she diceded to dress up like a man and take her brothers duty even though he died she was on the battle field and got shoot and the patriots carried her back.No one knew she was injured bad but there was a bullet in her leg so she got a knife and got it out her leg.She got tooken to the hospital and the docter said,” take off his shirt.”,but Deborah gathered her strength and told the doctor her secrert. The doctor said,” I will take her and a nurse home and care for him there.


I helped make breakfast,lunch,and dinner for my family. I did some cleaning and, helped my dad take care of my little sister who was sick.That is what I did to celebrate MLK.I love helping my family that day. It felt good doing something for someone else. If you didn’t help anyone it is a good idea to help people now even though it’s not MLK day.You could give money to charity.Help out at the homeless shelter, or help your church out.Even you could do some extra chores for your mom,and dad.Just try to help someone out or help your family out.

Sophia signing out ! : )

Midnight Ride

Minutemen ready to fight at any time

If one by land and two if by sea

Date was April 18, 1775

No Redcoats made it to Jhon Hancock and Samuel Adams

I heard he went by his house first

Getting his horse taken away from him

He said the Regulars are coming quietly to the colonists

The Mission was to warn Jhon Hancock and Samuel Adams

Riders were Paul Revere, William Dawes, Samuel Prescott

I knew that all the riders were brave

Do you know Paul Revere didn’t scream into the countryside


Exhausted was the riders I knew

Paul Revere the Midnight Ride

Colonial Occupations Fur trading

January 16,1692

Today we made a big trade with the tribe near us.We traded weapons, silver, and beads.So they gave us furs, cloth, rope, food, seeds, clean water ,and string.The chief of the tribe thanked us and went back to their camp and we went back to ours.Our commander said we did an excellent trade today.While we were selling the fur to the people we heard a blow of a horn , so we went to the Indians. We got there and one of the young Indians was sick ,and they didn’t have the right medicine to cure it.So we got medicine from our camp and brung it to their camp, and then it healed the young Indian, so they gave us some more fur, and food.The young Indian thanked us and gave the medicine guy some medicine the Indians make.We went back to camp and our commander said that we are helpful and kind and the people and the natives thank you for all do.We gave the fur, and the food to the commander, but he said y’all take it and divide among y’all and gave it to us.We divide it among our families. I went home to my husband and kids I ate and then went to bed. sincerely, Sophia a mom and a fur trader.

Colonial Leaders

Who is Roger Williams?

Founder of Rhode Island





Friend to all


Has strong stance

Faithfulness in GOD.


That is Roger Williams.

Halloween story

Once upon a time there was a ghost named Dakin. He took Miley and Wyatt hostage at an abandoned school , but their friends didn’t know where they were.So Sophia,Sophie,J’lynn,Alex,Ummel grouped together to find  Miley and Wyatt .They started to look around the neighborhood ,but they still couldn’t find them.Then they started to look around downtown ,but they still couldn’t find them.Then they remembered there was one place they didn’t look at, the abandoned school  .So they started to go to the school then they realized  they needed supplies,so they went to Sophie’s house and got supplies.They got all the supplies and went back to the school and they found Miley and Wyatt !All of an souden Dakin the ghost appeared out of the blue ,and said” i’m sorry for taking them I just wanted a friend.”.Then Sophia said” it’s okay.”.Sophia invited everyone to have a sleepover,she even invited Dakin.THE END.