Halloween story

Once upon a time there was a ghost named Dakin. He took Miley and Wyatt hostage at an abandoned school , but their friends didn’t know where they were.So Sophia,Sophie,J’lynn,Alex,Ummel grouped together to find  Miley and Wyatt .They started to look around the neighborhood ,but they still couldn’t find them.Then they started to look around downtown ,but they still couldn’t find them.Then they remembered there was one place they didn’t look at, the abandoned school  .So they started to go to the school then they realized  they needed supplies,so they went to Sophie’s house and got supplies.They got all the supplies and went back to the school and they found Miley and Wyatt !All of an souden Dakin the ghost appeared out of the blue ,and said” i’m sorry for taking them I just wanted a friend.”.Then Sophia said” it’s okay.”.Sophia invited everyone to have a sleepover,she even invited Dakin.THE END.

Homecoming for my school

I love homecoming so much.We are the only school in east Texas that has homecoming every three years.We do homecoming because it’s a time where people that graduated from their school go back, and get to see their best friend from old times.Here you get to do fun games,and eat food ,dance ,give money to charity ,and see the fire trucks, and to bounce in the bounce houses.  There is also a big parade at the begging of all that were the cheerleaders get be on a float and all the flag ,tackle football boys get be on floats and little clubs get to be on floats too.Before all that is the homecoming game ,and our team won 28 to 0 .I was in the parade with my girl scouts group ,and my brother was in the flag football team. My mom and dad saw me my brother and we gotta    through some candy at my baby sister. Also people were having a little sale for the community at the high school and there were little gifts and there were little decorations for halloween.Thats why I like homecoming.


I learned that it was very emotional day for the country.Also the people  on flight 93 were all heroes and one person  said ”lets roll” and they jumped up up and started to attack the hijackers.The hijackers tried to stop the people,but it was late for the plane and the people the plane crashed ,and landed in the middle of Pennsylvania. The people were buried deep into the ground,but before that happened the Pentagon also got hit.