Colonial Occupations Fur trading

January 16,1692

Today we made a big trade with the tribe near us.We traded weapons, silver, and beads.So they gave us furs, cloth, rope, food, seeds, clean water ,and string.The chief of the tribe thanked us and went back to their camp and we went back to ours.Our commander said we did an excellent trade today.While we were selling the fur to the people we heard a blow of a horn , so we went to the Indians. We got there and one of the young Indians was sick ,and they didn’t have the right medicine to cure it.So we got medicine from our camp and brung it to their camp, and then it healed the young Indian, so they gave us some more fur, and food.The young Indian thanked us and gave the medicine guy some medicine the Indians make.We went back to camp and our commander said that we are helpful and kind and the people and the natives thank you for all do.We gave the fur, and the food to the commander, but he said y’all take it and divide among y’all and gave it to us.We divide it among our families. I went home to my husband and kids I ate and then went to bed. sincerely, Sophia a mom and a fur trader.

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